Jon Hopkins w/ Teebs & Nordic Soul @ The Crocodile

Allen Huang / July 30, 2014
Jon Hopkins
Jon Hopkins

Decibel Festival is a euphoric week for electronic music fans, celebrating all things waveform, and increasing in scope and appeal every year. But Decibel is not just an annual event, it’s a year-round enrichment program for Seattle, and has been one of the key pivot forces in transforming the city from a “rock” city into a “music” city.

Jon Hopkins performed in Seattle only last November, and though his show remained for the most part unchanged, people appreciated the encore performance just as much as the first go around. Though there was no A/V set in tow this time, Hopkins’ forceful techno and sound-conscious composition was captivating in its own right.

Enough good things could not be said about Brainfeeder’s Teebs, who brought out his own share of devoted beat-heads. I’d been warned about his stage presence, or lack thereof, before the show. But Teebs seemed engaged, coyly addressing the crowd and introducing his newer material without much hesitation. The music can speak for itself, but it’s always nice to get some intimate commentary, especially at a show as hushed as this one.

All photos by Denise Zhang


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