Jason Webley At The Rendezvous

Julie Grebenau / July 12, 2011

Jason Webley w/ Jeff Suffering @ The Rendezvous| 7/14| 10 PM| $7 (Get Tickets)

Photo Courtesy of Jason Webley


Jason Webley, half of the conjoined sister duo Evelyn Evelyn is taking his act back home to Seattle to an intimate venue, The Rendezvous.  Webley is a prolific songwriter whose humble beginnings started out with unknown punk bands and busking around Seattle at various festivals.  Some of his first gigs happened from musicians passing by who ended up asking him to open for them.

A passionate and eclectic musician with the ability to sing and scream loudly while still sounding pleasant, Webley remains talked about in the underground, while still building a name for himself.  Webley went to UW to focus on musical theater (during the last year of which he finally picked up an accordion), which seems to bring about a fearlessness to get completely and deeply emotionally involved with the songs he plays, pulling the listener in to loving the songs.  Along with the serious passion he exudes, there is a creative playful person who used to ‘die’ (put on a show of getting buried, and then disappear for 6 months) every halloween, and who once encouraged an audience at Bumbershoot to go play in the fountain with him.

Webley’s songs are folky, and his sometimes percussive playing and heartfelt sing-shouts have brought on comparisons to Tom Waits.  Having spent so much of his time busking, he’s mastered the art of singing loudly, so he rarely needs a microphone.  Webley will be playing this show with punk artist Jeff Suffering.


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