Jackie Kashian Spends a Weekend at Laughs

Gabriel Arguelles / September 14, 2011

Jackie Kashian, Toby Muresianu, Devin Badoo @ Laughs Comedy Spot | 09/15 – 09/17 | 8pm / 10pm | $5 – $15 Get Tickets Here | 21+

by Jenny Alders Smith

Each and every episode of Jackie Kashian’s The Dork Forest podcast is a revelation. On her show, the guests are welcome to come on, open up, and get downright dorky on whatever it is that they’re deeply passionate about. Comedians will dork out on everything from Shakespeare to cats to coffee (as she does with Craig Holt of Seattle’s own Atlas Coffee) to comic books, and the listener learns about these things as the same time Kashian does. She takes on each guest with interested glee and listens to them as they explain their deep fascinations with everything. There isn’t anything caustic or ironic about it—it just involves people letting out their inner dork all over your ears for a little while.

This is all beside the point, because Jackie Kashian is also a comedian.

She’s a well-respected comedian—one that’s been on the road for many years and has performed all over the United States, Australia, and even Afghanistan. She’s performed some of the worst gigs imaginable and been chased down by an attack dog while dressed in one of those Michelin Man attack dog suits. She’s a veteran on the road and on the mic and someone who will definitely make you laugh.

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