Interview: Champagne Champagne – the Latest Happenings

Nikki Benson / November 16, 2011
Photo Credit: Steven Dewall

Champagne Champagne have been up to a lot. Fresh off a tour with STRFKR, and they’re about to join Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on the US leg of their tour.

We haven’t heard any new releases from Champagne Champagne, but those who’ve seen them live in the past six months know that they have some fresh music in the works.

Mark Gajadhar (producer, composer) was kind enough to answer some questions about what’s coming up for Champagne Champagne and whether Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be getting the same extra-special treat that STRFKR got at the end of their tour with our favorite party rappers.

Are you excited for your tour with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

Mark Gajadhar: We’re joining Macklemore & Ryan Lewis this Saturday in Eugene, OR. We’re super-stoked because the first few shows are sold out as well as some of the more major cities we are hitting (LA, NYC, Minneapolis, Denver, etc.).

What’s up with you’re new music?

MG: As you know, we have been working on a new record for a while now, and we have tons of new material that we will be playing on this tour. Since we don’t have a new record to sell, we will for sure be playing some of the classic tunes off the first record.

We recently wrote a handful of brand new tracks that have live drums. I am super-stoked to play these ones live. With the live drums on a few songs it really brings the live show energy up to a level we have never hit before.

You wrote a song in honor of STRFKR at the end of your tour with them. Can we expect the same thing for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

MG: We did write the STRFKR song while we were on the road with them. It wasn’t a planned thing, I just had the idea and we kind of went with it. It was more of a play on words, and it’s easy to make the song completely unrelated to the band STRFKR. So to answer the question if we will write a song for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, I doubt it. But I can see us all writing a song together. Champagne Champagne has tons of beats and it would be super easy to write something with everyone while we’re on the road. I always travel with my ProTools (recording software), so we can easily track in hotel rooms.

When are we going to get some new music on wax?

MG: The new stuff we have out is the split 7″ with STRFKR that is out now. We are hoping to release a series of 7″ records while we wait to put out the second Champagne Champagne record. No solid plans for the next 7″ release but we have a few songs ready to go. Hopefully by February we will have some more solid ideas.

There’s the latest! Visit to see Champagne Champagne’s full list of tour dates with Macklemore.

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