Inning Found Freedom Through “White Girls, Black Jackets”

Colette Pomerleau / November 14, 2018

Inning began last fall in a dorm, inspired by the freedom in producing, creating, cultivating exactly what you want to experience. The project is named after a small village in Bavaria called Inning am Holz, where frontman Evan lived for a brief time.

We had a chat with Evan about the project after falling in love with their latest release, “White Girls, Black Jackets”. The single’s a meditative, subtly warped pop jam full of melancholic vibes and voyeuristic lyricism. Evan explains,

“White Girls, Black Jackets” was born out biking past a giant horde of white girls wearing black jackets on Beta Bridge at the University of Virginia. I really liked how the phrase “white girls, black jackets” already had a rhythm and pattern to it which really informed how the rest of the song played out. The song incorporates a lot of 80’s inspired elements like chorus’ed out guitars and gated snares with these biblical choir motets that I love to play really loud on my speakers because the sound is really pure and it just takes over you.”

The video interweaves bedroom footage of Evan playfully performing along to the catchy single, lo-fi recordings of the Korean Student Association at his home university, and his humorous take on lyric video styles. Watch for yourself below.


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