Hot! How To Dress Well readies LP + Video for “Ready For The World”

Posted by on September 14th, 2010 at 4:29 PM

How To Dress Well is the project of Tom Krell, once a German academic and now a NYC musical magician. Now I could just list a bunch of genres and a bunch of “sounds like…” or “reminds me of…”, but I really can’t say it any better than How To Dress Well’s own blog post:

It’s got that whole “you’re a little kid in 1990 and your downstairs neighbor just got broken up with by his boyfriend and he’s playing sad r&b and you can hear it through the floor and you can hear sobbing between the tracks playing on the stereo” vibe…


His music is a vaguely familiar pastiche of ambient shoegaze textures, murky Dubstep beats, and 90’s R&B hooks (he sings all the hooks himself (wow!)). But it’s not the genre or the style that’s important, it’s the constant feeling that HTDW’s songs evoke. There’s an insurmountable yet meaningful sadness in the music, tones that stay with you long after the song is over. It’s like playing with glowing embers with a twig long after the campfire has been put out. It looks strange on paper, but sounds amazing in the right setting, say a foggy evening in London or during a rainy trip on the night bus.

To celebrate the album’s release, How To Dress Well has commissioned a video for the first single “Ready For The World.” Director Jamie Harley takes auteur-director Rainier Werner Fassbinder’s In a Year of Thirteen Moons and puts it through the kaleidoscope. The movie is about the bleak wasteland that is unrequited love, the song’s blissed-out sadness works perfectly with the glitzy-yet-forlorn imagery of wandering through a casino alone.

HTDW’s first full length, Love Remains, is due out next week on Lefse Records. He has many many many tracks available for preview on his website

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