Gravelroad with Kinski and Angelo Spencer at the Tractor Tavern 1/26

Chris Green / January 25, 2012

Gravelroad, Kinski, Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets @ The Tractor Tavern | 1/26 | 8pm | $6 (Buy tickets) | 21+

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This thursday night provides an opportunity for you to see a band that SSG Music has previously called possibly “the best band that you’ve never heard of.” Seattle’s own Gravelroad will be kicking off their tour in support of their new album, Psychedelta, with an album-release show at the Tractor.

Gravelroad is a 3-man band whose sound combines the blues with hard rock. Since the 2008 release of their previous album, Shot the Devil, they have been evolving their sound both through their live performances and by recording two well-received collaborations with legendary 90-something badass bluesman T Model Ford, with whom they have toured extensively.  On the  new album, the slide guitar riffs and growling vocals swim in a trippy sea of reverb and fuzz, producing a hypnotic dark psychedelic sound. There is a great deal of variety on the tracks, with the band switching between driving rockers such as “Keep on Movin'” and more trance-like songs such as “Caves.” The song “In the Woods” heads off in an Americana-flavored direction including backing piano, but still keeps the heavy guitar sound. Released on local label Knick Knack records, this is an excellent album that should garner a lot of well-deserved attention for the band. You can take a listen to the the aptly-named Psychedelta album here. If you like what your hear, the CD and LP (on red vinyl) will be available at the show.

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Lending a hand (and a bunch of instruments) for tonight’s entertainment are face-melting instrumental rock band, Kinski. Recording on SubPop records, their live performances interleave hard-driving wall-of-noise attacks with spacier, more introspective moments. Their dense, layered sound and use of unusual tunings and guitar techniques have led to comparisons with one of their influences, Sonic Youth.


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Also playing tonight is Angelo Spencer Et Les Hauts Sommets.  Singer/songwriter Angelo Spencer has performed frequently as a one-man band, but with Les Hauts Sommets (“The high peaks”), he fronts an instrumental ensemble who use a wide variety of instruments to create songs that evoke elements of surf music, old-time stomp, and Sergio Leone-style western soundtracks.


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