FunOfficial Bumbershoot 2011 Kickoff Party at The High Dive

Bebe Besch / September 3, 2011

The Physics, Hobosexual, Viper Creek Club, and Smokey Brights at The High Dive for the Guerilla Candy FunOfficial Bumbershoot Kickoff Party 9/2!

 Ben Harwood of Hobosexual (Photos by Bebe Besch)

Starting the weekend off tenaciously, the Guerilla Candy FunOfficial Bumbershoot Kickoff Party took off with emcee Grynch as host, and a stacked eclectic local bill. Each performance of the night shined in its individual light, starting with Smokey Brights. The folk rock band with hints of RnB, put out their first album this year, Can’t Rightly Say, and introduced their newest addition to the band on stage, a female singer, who harmonized with lead singer Ryan Devlin. Second to the stage was Viper Creek Club who took us in a totally different direction with their energetic electro pop. You couldn’t find a stagnant moment throughout their set – duo Mat Wisner and Brandon Jensen both seem absorbed in a trance by their own hypnotic arrangements.

“We’re Hobosexual, and we’re intoxicated,” is how the beginning act of the second half of the night introduced themselves to The High Dive. Hobosexual, the bluesy-garage band, proved that Rock ‘n’ Roll is still very much living with a vengeance in Seattle. The two-man powerhouse consists of Ben Harwood (guitarist, vocalist, professional hair swinger) and Jeff Silva (drums, looking-stoic extraordinaire). A high point of their performance was when Harwood jammed a little too close to one of their human-sized amplifiers, knocking it over accidentally and causing it to crash on stage. Concern was expressed from the audience, but Harwood nonchalantly chose to lie down on the structure until completion of the song, stating that the amp really was there to “cushion his fall.”

Headlining act, The Physics, took the stage around Midnight, filling the venue with their elegant hip hop. They couldn’t have been more different that the previous act as the collective of talents packed the stage with their 3 emcees (1 also acting as DJ), back up vocalists, guitarist, and keyboardist. They brought the soul back to the floor; many were slow dancing to their smooth and melodic performances of songs from their new record that dropped last month, Love Is A Business. They also played a handful of their older and upbeat tracks, like “Ready for We” and “I Heart Beer,” which had the whole audience grooving or jumping with them. The crowd included supporters and Bumbershoot 2011 performers Sol and Fly Moon Royalty vocalist Miss Adraboo. The Physics have had a lot on their plate lately with their album release parties last month, and are about to act as support for Blue Scholars this fall for select dates along their national tour.

This bill was extremely impressive with each set and appropriately showcased what similar types of talents we’ll see this weekend at the Bumbershoot 2011 stages. The roller coaster of genres is what going to festivals is all about – don’t miss out on the best way to spend your Labor Day weekend! See you at the Seattle Center for Bumbershoot 2011!

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