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‘Fridging’ Takes Over

Melissa Daniels / September 30, 2011
Credit: 17 Online

First there was planking (taking photos of yourself in the yoga “plank” position in random places and social networking it). Then came owling (you figure it out). And shortly to follow were a bunch of other random and nonsensical trends that made it to the internet.

Well, let’s add one more to the list: fridging.

During a recent photo shoot for GLAMOUR magazine, rapper Nicki Minaj, 29, was bored. What did she decide to do? Hop in a fridge. No big deal.

Just as the term implies, you strike a pose, preferably inside your mother’s refrigerator. Of course, any fridge will do.

A photo from the shoot of Minaj kicking it tough in a fridge started yet another photo trend on Twitter and has fans striking Vogue poses just the same.

Among the silly stunt participants, is emcee Heems of Das Racist.


I think it’s safe to say it was Snooki who really kicked it off during last season’s Jersey Shore episode when she burned her behind in a tanning bed.

Could this be the next big moment in black pop history? You be the judge.


1 thought on “‘Fridging’ Takes Over

  1. Anyone over 30 should immediately remember a very special episode of Punky Brewster titled “Cherie Lifesaver” when reading this article.

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