Experience pure rock and roll Saturday at Doug Fir when The Jim Jones Revue performs!

Rob Hedberg / September 2, 2011

The Jim Jones Revue, Unnatural Helpers @ The Doug Fir|09-03-2011|9:00 PM|tickets $15|21+

Photo by Jim Jones Revue

  When rock and roll is stripped to its raw flavor it exposes fundamentally superior acts that rely on pure aggression, authentic song craftsmanship, and psychic crowd energy that astounds those not familiar with 1950’s artists such as Little Richard or Muddy Waters.    What The Jim Jones Revue provides is an education to youngsters and adults alike who rave about The Rolling Stones, yet never partook in the blues-rock that influenced two generations (1950’s and 1960’s) and artists who we determine are legends today.  Forming in 2007 in London, English Rock and rollers’ The Jim Jones Revue manufactured their first album in 48 hours, producing an underrated and brilliant debut that never mustered enough attention to be recognized critically, but their sophomore release Burning Your House Down is garnering tremendous support and will unquestionably be on top albums list of 2011.

Blues-rock was never equipped to be in elaborate venues with thousands of fans cheering every moment, screaming their favorite songs.  Eventually this will become The Jim Jones Revue fate, but for now while still building popularity you can see their blistering live show that hails ripping guitar solos, catastrophic intensity, and distorted guitar riffs in small venues, with the only thing better being a dirty Chicago blues bar.  The first track from the new album “Dishonest John” illuminates with a boogie woggie piano, thunderous rhythm section, and indispensable orchestrated guitar shredding.  “Burning Your House Down” delivers raspy Tom Waits influenced vocals combined with fiery guitar and a backbeat that won’t be denied.

During a time where indie folk and eletronica acts have received an immense increase in popularity, The Jim Jones Revue have determined that what this new decade deserves is a rejuvenation of good old Rock and Roll.  If you Miss your chance to witness the boisterous live show of The Jim Jones Revue at The Doug Fir Friday you will probably drink yourself under the table and reminisce on the poor decision made.

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