Expensive Genes with Jackie Kashian

Gabriel Arguelles / March 27, 2011

Expensive Genes: Jackie Kashian Rylee Newton, Kevin Clarke, Travis Vogt, and Hosted By Solomon Georgio @ El Corazon | 03/28 | 8:30pm | $7 adv

by Christina Gandolfo

“I love online dating! Because I’m not that good with men, but I’m excellent with computers.”

After writing previews for Paul and Storm, Chris Hardwick, local D&D metal band The Keeper, and the Geek Girl Con benefit show at the Sunset Tavern in January, it really has begun to seem like I’ve cornered the market on Seattle’s nerdier happenings. This Monday night’s stand-up comedy night is no exception. Dork Forest podcast host and comedienne extraordinaire Jackie Kashian’s doing a one night only show at– get this– El Corazon. Should be interesting, should be awesome. Those of you who saw Doug Stanhopes set at Studio Seven in 2010 know what it is to see a comedian take over a punk and metal bar– it’s surreal and it is always, always fun. The people who come out to events like these are the kind who know exactly what they’re getting themselves into and rarely heckle. Everyone’s on the same wavelength. It’s a wonderful thing.

Jackie Kashian took the stage for the first time in 1985. Since then she’s been all over– Australia, Iraq, Last Comic Standing, and other hostile territories. She’s been at Bumbershoot, and can be seen on Premium Blend and Tough Crowd. She has a half hour special on Comedy Central. If you’re interested in good comedy, come out. If your interests skew toward the dorky, definitely come out. For a taste of what she’s capable of, watch the video below. After that, you can listen to her do a solid ten minute set here, on the Nerdist’s “Comedians You Should Know” live episode taped in December 2010.

In addition to her stand up comedy show at El Corazon this Monday, on Sunday March 27th, Kashian will host the Dork Forest Live podcast feat. Ed Brubaker, Peter Bagge, Kermet Apio, Paul Merrill, and Can You Imagine? at The Vera Project. The show starts at 5pm and tickets are $8. You can get some here.

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