Exit Interview: Sleepy Eyes of Death

Nikki Benson / June 23, 2011
Photo by Kyle Johnson

As promised, Andrew Toms of Sleepy Eyes of Death answered a few questions about why they’re breaking up. Their final show will be on August 26, at Neumos. It will be an event to be seen.

There has been some gossip about Sleepy Eyes of Death breaking up because one of your principle writers is moving. Is there any truth to that?

AT: Yes, Keith is moving to NY for grad school.  We’ve known about it for a year and have even played a few shows without him (which you were at : )).  Knowing he was definitely a big part of the songwriting we figured it would just be better to end SEOD since whatever Joel, Cassidy, and myself do in the future wouldn’t quite be the same.  We also would much rather have a big, final show to celebrate the end. Those were definitely the two main reasons that factored into our decision. Plus, 6 years is pretty a long lifespan for a band. It just feels right to end it now.

Well, it’s better to go out with a bang then to fizzle out. Cassidy Gonzales and Blare Fields have already started a new project, will we be seeing any other offshoots from Sleepy Eyes of Death?

AT: We haven’t sat down to discuss or jam on our next project yet, but it feels like the 3 of us will do something.  Cassidy is currently doing Nightmare Fortress and Joel has something he’s been working on for a few months.  I think Keith will be too busy with school and work to invest too much time into music for a bit.

Since you’re all parting amicably, can we hope for any reunion shows if the timing and circumstances are right?

AT: No, I don’t think there will be any reunion.  August 26 is it!



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