Everything Is Festival – Salute Your Shorts Reunion

Aaron Sharpsteen / May 26, 2015

EIF_2015Salute Your Shorts Reunion / Hollywood Theater / 5-28 / 9:30pm / $12 event ticket or $80 festival pass 

As the children of the 90’s slog into their 30’s, the warm, vague comforts of their youth are repeatedly going to be paraded around to be remarked upon and remembered fondly. On Thursday night, several actors from the short-lived Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts will be at the Hollywood Theater to reminisce on a panel in front of a crowd of late 20-early 30 somethings to remember how thinking about Camp Annawanna makes them want to fart. Going back and watching the beginning of the show, Michael Stine is indeed forced to salute his shorts after his luggage is stolen by nemesis Budnick. All the 90’s characters are there: the computer geek, the blond, athletic new kid, the prankster, the fat kid, the tomboy, the mean and goofy yet sometimes wise counselor. Most of the cast will be there on Thursday, with only three members (Budnick, Mona [the mail carrier who dates Ug] and Ronnie) of the main cast not making an appearance. Nostalgia hounds, 90’s kids, summer camp rejects can rejoice, on Thursday night, it will be time to remember the simpler days of 1991-1993.


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