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Posted by on June 30th, 2009 at 9:58 PM

Review by: Ace
To See Rating: 5.5/10
Just Curious Rating: 4/10

Band Members
Jowed Hadeed – Vocals
Justin MacDonald – Guitar
Ryan Jander – Guitar
Brian Paxton – Drums
Seth Humphrey – Bass

When arriving at Nectar, there were high expectations laid upon Eclectic Approach. Having listened to their tunes for a while and doing my research, I felt that I was up-to-date with the band. Boy, was I wrong. Eclectic Approach represents themselves on MySpace and YouTube as having six members in the band; a four-piece instrumental section and two vocalists. Live, there was only one vocalist. It was like going to see OutKast and Andre3000 not being there. Well, not quite, but you get my drift. If you represent your band a certain way in promotions and present a different package live, then you are setting the audience up for disappointment. Frankly, that’s how this show went.

Eclectic Approach has very relaxed stage presence. They all looked at home and felt like they were performing for family. The guitarists were amazing musicians; they TORE up their respective guitar solos. It had been awhile since I’d seen or heard some of licks that sounded so crisp and melodic during a solo; It was very impressive. The drummer played a solid tempo and seemed to be the glue of the band in general. The bassist was a bit bland and didn’t really stick out, but that appeared to be a good role for him in a group like this. Frankly, when every member of the band was showboating it got a bit overwhelming.

Jowed Hadeed showed great diversity with his singing and being able to rhythmically flow in a similar rap style as LFO. Although versatile, his vocal quality was pitchy at spots. Also, Jowed didn’t show that he had depth of range when they covered “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Eclectic Approach’s music had a feel-good vibe that reminded me of the vocal style of Maroon 5 with a bit of rapping; musically they sounded similar to Sugar Ray.

Eclectic Approach puts on a decent stage show, but nothing mind blowing. They were musically sharp and seemed to enjoy themselves on stage. However, the set seemed relatively short at barely over 30 minutes. In addition to that, none their favored MySpace songs were even play. All and all, the evening turned out to be a bummer.

On a positive side note, Eclectic Approach played for free last and contributed in raising over $700 for the fight against Leukemia. Thanks Eclectic Approach!

Please enjoy their video captured June 24, 2009 at Nectar Lounge.

Eclectic Approach on MySpace

Upcoming Shows:
Jul 22 2009 8:00P @ The High Dive – Seattle, Washington
Jul 25 2009 8:00P @ Boat Race Weekend Bash – Kennewick, Washington
Aug 15 2009 5:00P @ Hot Import Nights – Pasco, Washington

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