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Posted by on January 26th, 2010 at 4:17 PM

To See Rating: 3/10
Just Curious Rating: 2/10

Band Members
Jowed Hadeed – Vocals
Justin MacDonald – Guitar
Ryan Jander – Guitar
Brian Paxton – Drums
Seth Humphrey – Bass

Photo by Jamaal Jackson

As further evidence that you just can’t please everybody, the recent January 22 performance by Eclectic Approach (which is a terrible name, for the record) at The Showbox music venue located in downtown Seattle’s Pike Place Market failed to make any kind of impression on this particular author. Rather than ask questions with obvious answers (i.e. Why is this music so popular? Answer: because, for some reason, people like it.) and point out the banalities enmeshed within the lyrics (“Boobies make the world go ’round/Titties make the world go ’round…”), it would seem prudent to simply place the focus of this article on the more positive aspects of the show, of which there were many. Deep breath. Here goes.

To begin with, the level of energy bouncing back and forth between Eclectic Approach and those in the audience was definitely impressive; people were having fun, dancing, singing along (which is saying a lot compared to more left-of-center shows where there seems to be no shortage of uber-hip attendees standing around with crossed arms). Taking into consideration that Eclectic Approach was the opening act for the evening’s events, the floor space was by no means packed but still had an impressive turnout. Each band member, dressed a little fancier than you’d see at your average show, certainly seemed to revel in the almost overwhelming feeling of goodwill which seemed to electrify the air; dancing, twirling, playing and singing their hearts out. It was certainly lead singer Jowed Hadeed’s night to shine after recently recovering from a severe bout with what was believed to have been the H1N1 virus (read more here). Hadeed, as well as plenty of  his friends and family, must be indescribably excited about his return to the stage after such a traumatizing ordeal.

The music of Eclectic Approach incorporates elements from various genres of music such as funk, rock, and rap, mixed together to create a pop-monstrosity which obviously cannot be stopped as it attempts to storm its way onto top-40 charts and into your lives via radio waves, television, mp3 players, etc. It just feels like it’s all been done, like everything is just being regurgitated and sprinkled with colorful sawdust. But hey, to each his own. Though there will always be many an individual who will remain hung up on the mysteries as to why polished and sugary pop music has not yet rotted the teeth of the music industry; bands like Eclectic Approach will more than likely be laughing all the way to the bank as the world –propelled by mammaries– goes ’round.

Enjoy some footage from the show!

Eclectic Approach’s Myspace

Upcoming Shows
Jan 29 – UW Tacoma – Tacoma, WA
Feb 4 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
Feb 5 – The Reef – Boise, ID
Feb 6 – The College of Idaho – Caldwell, ID
Feb 11 – Amber – Seattle, WA

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  1. I absolutely agree with Jamaal that the energy coming from the crowd was incredible: everyone was having a great time and it was exciting to see so many people in Seattle who knew the words to the songs. I really am a huge EA fan and think that the guitar work they have put into this latest album is amazing. Simply put, these guys are incredibly talented artists, and under the hood of the “pop” songs there is some pretty incredible vocals, chording, phrasing, and solo work. Jamaal also highlighted the fact that the new songs from “Jump Into Life” have a positive empowering message and that the audience was electrified by a feeling of goodwill. The audience feels good because the music is good and the message is good. Jump into life! Or this lyric, “this is my life, i’m gonna face it / this is my life, not gonna waste it / can’t hold me back now, nothing can hold me / this is mine, this is my life.” That is a great empowering message to have stuck in your head driving home from work… and probably from the heart of Jowed Hadeed who literally had one foot in the grave only 3 months ago. I can’t wait for the next concert.

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