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Earth and Angelo Spencer Kick Off Tour At Doug Fir

July 15, 2011
Photo by Michelle Caldwell

Seattle’s Earth filled the Doug Fir with their meditative drone on Wednesday.  Their haunting collage of echoing guitar repetitions and booming cello seemed right at home in the faux-log-cabinesque venue.  The packed room was entranced, hanging on each note and sparely placed drum strike as if in the middle of being Pied-Pipered into some deep, dark forest.  There was so much space to Earth’s vast soundscape that you could feel the silence radiating from the captivated audience.  I recall looking around at the motionless, seemingly hypnotized audience and thinking, “Is it possible that I’m the only person in this room who is not on heroin?”

The gem of the evening, however, came from Earth’s tour-mates Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets with their exuberant, life-celebrating sound that filled the room with a sort of excited delight.  Their music possesses a transportive and physical quality capable of bringing the audience over high mountain passes, through windswept fields, or racing across a desert on camelback.  They’re promoting their soon-to-be-released World Garage, an aptly titled record that is filled with guitar-driven songs borrowing vibes from Bollywood, North Africa, and old Sergio Leone soundtracks.  French-born Angelo Spencer has a genuinely high-spirited and joyful sense about him which he funnels to the listener using an expansive voice that holds up authenticity even whilst playing around with auto-tune.  If you’re looking for a summer-perfect show, you can try to catch Angelo at What-the-Heck-Fest in Anacortes in a couple of days before the band heads south on a West-Coast tour.

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