Download The Newest Architecture in Helsinki MP3’s

Nikki Benson / April 1, 2011

Aussie dance-pop band Architecture in Helsinki are scheduled to release their long awaited fourth studio album, Moment Bends, on May 3, 2011. They haven’t been shy about giving us teasers from the new record, and they have a fresh one for their fans today. Starting with the “Contact High” tracks, you have the original with the Prince-esque vocals and bouncing electronics reminiscent of The Knife. Clock Opera took their hand to the song adding dubstep undertones and a layer of darkness that gave the track an ominous tone–still just as dancey, though. Then for something out of left-field, Architecture in Helsinki recorded their rendition of Cut Copy’s “Need You Now.” Here are the downloads; chew on them over the weekend.

Architecture in Helsinki – “Contact High”
Architecture in Helsinki – “Contact High” (Remixed by Clock Opera)
Cut Copy – “Need You Now” (Covered by Architecture in Helsinki)

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