Download: Red Jacket Mine – “Any Major Dude”

Jean Kennedy / March 4, 2013
Photo by Anna Hoychuk
Photo by Anna Hoychuk

The quirky southern charm of Memphis pedigreed songwriter Lincoln Barr is inconspicuously displayed on Red Jacket Mine‘s surreptitiously sincere treatment of an under-appreciated Steely Dan classic, “Any Major Dude (Will Tell You)”. Barr’s emphatic, no frills delivery recalls sophisticated pop crooners Elvis Costello and Alex Chilton and nods to 70s U.K. pub-rock bands like Squeeze. Red Jacket Mine’s brand of songwriting dissects emotional paradox and societal hypocrisy with nuanced humor, while consummately affecting a modern, polished edge.

Their soulfully balanced, irresistibly blithe sound transfuses a salient sense of ease, establishing instant familiarity with the listener. The band’s third LP, Someone Else’s Cake, out now on Seattle’s Fin Records, was three years in the making. The sedulous product of this labor of love sparkles with the deliberate exuberance of conscious pop perfection, warmly dressed out in retro recording fetish by the masterful Johnny Sangster of Crackle and Pop! Studios in Ballard. “Any Major Dude” was released as the B-side to their single “Amy” on limited edition 7-inch white vinyl, but you can download it free below, courtesy of Red Jacket Mine. While you’re at it,take a moment to check out their new video for the eponymous single from their latest release, Someone Else’s Cake.

Download Red Jacket Mine’s rendition of Steely Dan’s “Any Major Dude (Will Tell You),” B-side to single “Amy” from their latest album, Someone Else’s Cake.

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