Video Premiere: DoublePlusGood – “Words Fall Asleep”

Androo Meyers / October 3, 2014
Still from "Words Fall Asleep"
DoublePlusGood - Words Fall Asleep
Illustration by Amy Kuttab

Despite the ever changing musical landscape in this post-blog world we inhabit, the Chillwave has yet to dissipate. Much like the genre’s most notable artists, Portland’s DoublePlusGood have locked onto the anthemic choruses set to shimmering synths and the unwavering machine drum beats that make Summer sunsets feel just a little more vivid than they appear. Their first full length You Can Master Life is brimming with songs that feel best set to an atmosphere populated by puerile indulgence; late nights speeding down empty city streets with an arm stretched far out an open window, peeling airstreams in passing surroundings with an extended hand.

Their new video for single “Words Fall Asleep” communicates that youthful vigor perfectly. Local artist Amy Kuttab‘s animation feels like Henry Darger meets School House Rock, filled with kaleidoscopic bodies and fantastical insects who traverse dream-like vistas. It’s a perfect setting for the band’s brand of emotionally exposed grandiosity. Watch the video below and pick up You Can Master Life via Bandcamp. Also be sure to check out more work from visual artist Amy Kuttab here.

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