Decibel 2011, Seattle

Decibel Fest Preview: Ill Cosby

Chris Govella / September 29, 2011

Ill Cosby, Eprom, Salva, Comma, Danny Corn, Natasha Kmeto, DJ Sonny Chiba, Hz Donut @ Volunteer Park | 10/01 | Doors at 12PM | Free | All Ages

Ill Cosby courtesy of Decibel Festival
Ill Cosby courtesy of Decibel Festival

Seattle’s Ill Cosby is a DJ with divining rod-like abilities for discovering the sickest beats. He’s dealt more futures than the New York Stock Exchange. When he’s not DJing on Sub.FM, he’s busy putting out records on his label and remixing other artists. Normally you can find him lighting up the Living Room on Capitol Hill with Street Halo, a monthly night featuring spectral r&b, night bus, and dubstep. This weekend he’s playing selector at Decibel in the Park, along with Eprom and a slew of other producers. Come prepared for the rain and bring some earplugs, it’s definitely going to get buck.

Ill Cosby ‘Audaz’ by carcrashset

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