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Decibel 2010 Review: FaltyDL

Allen Huang / September 25, 2010

FaltyDL (Planet MU Label Showcase) @ The Baltic Room | 09/24/2010

Photo by Bob Hansen

Friday means the weekend, so it also means that the rest of busy busy Seattle can finally join the Decibel party. For the rest of us it’s no more fun and games; this time each venue had a sizable line of people waiting to get in. Heading down early to the Baltic Room, excited Decibel goers lined the sidewalk of Pine Street, eagerly chatting about their most anticipated acts of the night.

FaltyDL had to rank among those. The NYC DJ is known for his eclectic mix of bangers and slower, boogie-centric beats. However, this night he seemed to eschew his slower numbers in favor of the block-rockers. It all had a very Nineties feel, with big beat wildness continuously assailing the crowd and driving them into a dancing fervor. The Baltic Room’s space was well suited to the random pockets of dancing that erupted within, a welcome change from the sardine tin that is Neumos.

One quick note: Sorry Mount Kimbie, for the unfortunately large number of blockheaded DnB burnouts that had nothing better to do than to stick their middle fingers in the air. Your first show on American soil deserved better than these idiots.

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