DC Fallout at Liquid

Dustin Verburg / June 30, 2011

DC Fallout, Jimmy Sinn, Freezeout Hill @ Liquid Lounge | 07/04 | 9pm | $3 | 21+

Photo by Crystal Larsen

Los Angeles, CA’s searing melodic punk band DC Fallout is coming to downtown Boise’s Liquid Lounge on Independence Day. It’s a perversely fitting date for them to play: while most of the nation looks back fondly to 1776 and the birth of the nation, 20-something punk rockers will look back to the Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands that gave birth to their love of the genre. DC Fallout takes a unique and modern approach to the music of their ’90s heroes, and they remind the listener just how good music from that era could be. Fierce politics shine through clean vocal melodies, tempos punch up and down at the perfect time and magma-hot power chords pulsate over the whole affair.  It all boils down to the kind of good time that can only be described as “a thinking man’s party.” DC Fallout is on their longest-ever national tour in support of their new EP, Serfs Up.


Photo courtesy of Jimmy Sinn

Jimmy Sinn is a well-known figure in the Boise punk rock scene. When he’s not singing for The Jerkwadz and Roofied Resistance he’s performing his own solo acoustic material. On Independence Day it’s just Sinn and his trusty guitar, which is the perfect backdrop to his one-of-a-kind vocals. During his solo work, Sinn’s inflection becomes the perfect partner to his guitar playing, smooth and affecting. The guitar work itself is creative and varied enough that it never gets mired down in the predictability of many punk rock vocalists who go acoustic.


Promotional photo courtesy of Freezeout Hill

Third on the bill is Freezeout Hill, a young band who describe themselves as “folk punk as f***.” This three-piece acoustic combo features only a vocalist, guitarist and bass which suits their stripped-down ethos perfectly. Freezeout Hill embraces emotional extremes, comfortable with both near-nihilistic apathy and romantic sentimentality. While other bands their age are busy being lyrically vague and clinging fast to irony, Freezeout Hill oozes the kind of earnestness that only comes with singing about genuine life experience.

This show is part of the Punk Monday series presented by Boise’s own 1332 Records.


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