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Daniel Ahrendt’s Top 10 Sasquatch 2011 Acts to See

Daniel Ahrendt / May 24, 2011

Guess what ‘erbody. I’m headlining Sasquatch.

Sasquatch 2011 is this weekend. I’ll be there with Nikki Benson shooting taking pics and getting sunburned. Here are the top ten acts I’m looking forward to.

1) Death From Above 1979: I never saw them during their first run and rocket to stardom but high school wouldn’t have been the same without them. While I’d like to hear their reunion story from their own mouths, for now I’ll settle on seeing them on the main stage.

2) Flying Lotus: The whole electronic world is about this guy. While I’ve heard some of his severely cerebral output, I’m looking forward to this particular brain blowout live.

3) Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings: Modern soul at it’s best.

4) Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears: More modern soul at it’s best.

5) Rodrigo y Gabriela: Because I want to dance to some popular flamenco magic.

6) Major Lazer: Because I want to shake it.

7) Bass Nectar: Because I want to shake it and his hair is awesome.

8 ) The Flaming Lips: Because they’re always a trip.

9) J Mascis: Because the 90s were great and Justin Spicer would look at me weird if I didn’t check out his set.

10) Typhoon: Honestly, most of these guys were in the scene in Salem, Oregon where I grew up.

Don’t worry. In depth criticism will ensue when I get there.

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