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Curtains for You at Columbia City Theater

Nikki Benson / May 16, 2011
Photo by: Nikki Benson

Curtains for You have been making 2011 their best year to date, opening for The Head and the Heart in January, having their television debut on Mid Day Northwest on May 11th, and releasing their third LP, Nights without Sleep. They had their album release party at Columbia City Theater on Saturday night, and it was an evening to be remembered.

Curtains for You has found their niche in creating complex music that favors the jangled thoughts of those discontented with straight-forward rock. Citing inspiration such as Tom Waits and Jim Henson, the result is an alternate universe infused with piano, brass, and guitar work. Context aside, they were really fun to watch. Frontman Matthew Gervais has been given accolades for his songwriting and sense of self when it comes to connecting with the audience. He and the rest of his merry men put their backs into it on Saturday–singing, dancing, light head-banging, and the convictions of singers who meant every word.

For this show, they brought out special guests Danah Olivetree of The Passenger String Quartet along with Liz Gue and Hilary Zetlen of Seattle Rock Orchestra to add even more depth to their sound–as if it were possible to add more. The ladies dazzled and gave the Curtains quintet a layer of lush overtones.

They played many songs off their new record, but of course the audience was most excited for songs that they knew all the words to already. Crowd favorite “Daisy” was saved for the pre-encore. Just about everyone was singing along to the anthemic lyrics “So this is the end/ of this sole epigram/ and our whole lives condensed/ into short sentences/ just two daisies trying to fit in/ in this rose/ gard-eh-he-he-hen!”  It was a fun show, one where it was unclear if the most joy rested with the fans or the performers. Either way, it was a euphoric celebration of sorts. Nice job, fellas.


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