Coquin Migale: In Form With New Single “Plans”

Kane Stanley / May 1, 2017



Despite a name that’s incredibly difficult to pronounce, Coquin Migale have been steadily increasing their stature and popularity around Britain. After a packed 2016, which included appearances at Reading & Leeds Festival, the Newcastle alt. rockers have stylishly ridden the crest of that wave into 2017. Their new single Plans, lives up to reputation they’ve built for themselves.

The song patiently builds from nothing for the first 40 seconds before singer, Alex Soper bursts into life among bright, twangy guitars. The gloomy start attempts to be forgotten through clever guitars and bouncy drums, but the mood is set from the beginning and bleeds through in the lyrics. The chorus is clearly the focal point here as Soper repeatedly belts, “I’ve been down for quite some time, don’t you feel it?” Pretty heavy lyrics for such a burner of a song.

Don’t let this trick you into thinking it’s a disheartening or depressing tune though. This is a song that would comfortably find its home in a stadium. It’s without a doubt one of their most well thought out and certainly well put together songs to date. Once you figure out the lyrics through all the reverb, you’ll be singing along to this track throughout the summer.


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