Conduits – Conduits

Lindsey Scully / March 22, 2012

Score: 8.9/10.0
Team Love Records

Conduits has been garnering much media and press attention due to their fresh take on drone, shoegaze, and dream-pop. The band itself has a wide array of styles and genres in their catalog and their new album showcases this range of sound.

Standouts “Top Of The Hill”, “Limbs and Leaves”, and “Fish Mountain” each have a constant, dream-pop vibe. Yet each song constitutes a different style and sound, lending itself to the wide variety that you will find throughout the album. Lesser songs, such as “Blood” and “Last Dirge,” get lost among the others; Conduits doing a marvelous job of creating an album that does not having any huge let-downs.

Opener “Top Of The Hill” begins with gritty distortion fading out for Jenna Morrison’s soft vocals: “On top of the hill/We’re rolling/Rolling/ in the grass/Then we laugh to ourselves.” The innocent tone of the song paired with the reverb, crashing cymbals, and distortion balance each other. “Limbs And Leaves” creates a new genre all by itself: surf-lounge. Morrison’s sultry vocals switch between seductress and girl-next-door, the instrumentation providing the beach and surf vibe. The instrumental introduction is longer than expected but when Morrison’s vocals appear, the wait is worth it. The long intro creates anticipation while also teaching patience.

The airy atmosphere of Conduits recalls Lemolo and Beach House, while the distortion and reverb bring out the angst that helps set the band apart. The ethereal flow of Conduits makes for a perfect Summer roadtrip soundtrack complete with open windows, wind-blown hair, and nightly bonfires on a beach. Conduits promotes a strong ‘No Shirt, No Shoes’ mantra; groups of 20-somethings running around carefree with sparklers in tow, all responsibility a distant memory.

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