Comedian Dan Telfer at Mars Bar

Gabriel Arguelles / May 5, 2011

Dan Telfer, Mike Drucker, Bryan Cook @ Cafe Venus and the Mars Bar | 05/09 | 7pm | $8 adv

Chicago’s Dan Telfer has seen a pretty steep increase in terms of popularity since the release of his Fossil Record EP on A Special Thing Records last year. The label coupled it with EPs by Greg Proops and Paul F. Tompkins, both more established comedians who have countless credits and years of experience between them. The experiment seems to have worked– comedy fans know a deal when they see it and purchased the three-EP bundles in large numbers.

Dan Telfer’s “The Best Dinosaur” bit is a hilarious¬†piece of audience-involved, angry/smug science-nerdery that can be played over and over. Whatever your favorite dinosaur, Telfer will gleefully strike down your love for it with facts (some of which are made up) and logic. It’s the funniest form of nerd revenge since…well, Revenge of the Nerds. A video of it (found below) has gone viral and has garnered Telfer fans around the country. It’s like a “hot pockets” bit on a micro level.

Also, be sure to follow Dan Telfer on twitter— he’s one of the more active comedians on the platform. Always witty, incisive, and interesting.

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