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City Arts Fest 2011: Allen Huang’s Top 3 Picks

Allen Huang / August 12, 2011

Passes recently went on sale for City Arts Fest 2011, and if you haven’t peeped the line-up yet please do. You’ll find there’s more than enough variety for seriously any music lover (or even like-r) to be interested in. From acts as huge as Robyn and Ryan Adams to local upstarts like Witch Gardens and Campfire OK, there is literally something for everyone.

Three acts I’m marking as “Don’t Miss” for City Arts Fest 2011:

1. Pictureplane

Sure, he just rolled into town on his own. But he’s opening for Crystal Castles to what most likely will be a packed house. And if there’s one thing the off-kilter, micro-genre etymologist/DJ can do it’s get a party going. I can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces (or feet!) when they see Travis Edegy’s persuasive decibel pushing. And it only helps his case that Thee Physical is one of the most addictive albums of the year.

2. Male Bonding

Their Sub Pop debut was one of 2010’s highlights, a record that boasted both brains and brawn when it came to gritty guitar rock. Word on the street is that they have some new songs under their belt, but even if they didn’t the strength of the first album would be more than enough reason to see them again.  Additionally, Tacoma shooting stars the F*cking Eagles are backing them up.


What does City Arts have that no other festival has? Pie. And who doesn’t love pie?

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