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Capitol Hill Block Party Pick: Lovesick Empire

Nikki Benson / July 22, 2011
Photo via Lovesick Empire

Our friends Jason Lajeunesse and Alicia Amiri of Neuemos (also, Jason curates CHBP) will be leading the charge of Lovesick Empire at 3pm on Saturday at the Neumos stage. Many know that Lovesick Empire was an “industry joke band” that formed to play an employee night—it evolved into a pretty special band.

Alicia Amiri has smokey, vibrato-laden vocals, indie-rock guitar static, and a punk-rock face. Lajeunesse is a skilled drummer who will often times keep it simple only to surprise us with aggressive fills.  They’ve grown from a two piece to a four piece (sometimes five) over the past year, adding bass and giving Amiri the freedom to sing without the weight of a guitar. As another band in Seattle who plays chamber style, you’ll likely see them move about on stage and changing instruments (in the video below, Jason is playing guitar). They’re a fun band to watch, a fun band to listen to. Also, if you didn’t get booked at CHBP and you’re really pissed, now is your chance to throw tomatoes at the curator (at your own risk).


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