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Capitol Hill Block Party 2013: Theoretics

July 30, 2013
Theoretics | Photo by Zoe Rain Photography
Theoretics | All Photos By Zoe Rain Photography

Sunday afternoon at Block Party weeds out the under agers and drunkie pants partiers who just can’t handle one more solid 24 hours of stupefied partying on the streets of Capitol Hill. But it’s good for everyone else, as it was a heck of a lot easier to get up close and personal with some of the incredible talent that made up Sunday’s lineup at the festival, including Seattle’s very own hip-hop, funk masters, the Theoretics.

Neumos showed up for the fusion duo, Mark Hoy and Chima Abuachi and their seven-piece band, complete with horns and a hell of a lot of energy. They have found a way to mesh a variety of genres including hip-hop, funk, soul and electronica to seamlessly blow the roof off any venue they step foot in. Both MCs have a natural swagger and presence, and their band backed them up completely, including the guitarist who rocked a suit jacket to class it up.

The Neumos audience was a mix of young and old (probably the largest collection of an older crowd in once place that I noticed throughout the weekend). Everyone was into the music from start to finish, dancing and jamming to songs like “Go” and others that had the crowd clapping along as the guitarist completely ripped into it.

The guys shone when showcasing how fast they can flow. And holy balls can they flow. It was pure fire. They didn’t miss a beat. Hoy’s facial expressions were a performance in themselves, too. You could see the fire and unapologetic passion these guys have for their music, which was incredibly appreciated by the audience and they way they responded to the music. We’ll forgive the face plant Hoy had at the end of the set as the guys closed out with their single “Lights On” mostly because it was so flipping hyped up in that place that with that much adrenalin, I probably would have done the same thing.

Miss Block Party and want to check them out for yourselves? The Theoretics will be playing Nectar Lounge in Seattle on August 17 and The Crocodile on September 7. Be sure to check them out for a chance to dance your face off.

Theoretics_04 by Zoe Rain Photography
Theoretics_03 by Zoe Rain Photography
Theoretics_02 by Zoe Rain Photography
Theoretics_01 by Zoe Rain Photography

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