Capitol Hill Block Party 2012: Keyboard Kid

Allen Huang / July 21, 2012
Keyboard Kid at Capitol Hill Block Party by David Yousling


Video By Kelly Alexander

Is the Vera stage the secret success of Block Party? Tucked away in the backstreets of 11th, the tiny stage can barely be heard from the hum and bustle of the 12th and Pike entrance. But if you get closer, you’ll see what might be the most satisfied crowd of the night. Keyboard Kid’s set at Neumos took a few songs to gain momentum, and his turn during CHBP was no exception. But it was probably during his trap remix of Grimes “Oblivion” that things really took off, as the small lot reserved for the Vera Stage became as crowded as ever. Kids flashed their light sabers, took liberal puffs from passed along dutchies, and bounced/cooked/swagged their hearts out to Keyboard Kid’s mix of post-rave, trapped out, everything-but-the-kitchen sink beats. No doubt the best thing I saw on Friday.

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