Bumbershoot: Q13 Fox News Preview Highlights

SSG Music / August 29, 2012

Nikki Benson was on Q13 Fox News this morning (9/29) giving her top picks for Bumbershoot 2012. If you missed anything or you’re interested the music samples she chose for the segment, check out the highlights below. See more Bumbershoot previews here.


Photo Credit: Press

Skrillex is the champion of a genre called Dubstep, or what I like to call the onomatopoeia genre. Its sounds are best described by other sounds like “thwap,” “thud,” “wha-wha-wha-wha-wawawawawawa.” It’s the rave music for generation now, and anyone who is brave enough to let their hair out could have a good time at one of his shows. He’ll be the closing headliner, so if you’re about to die of exhaustion you can dance it out and die smiling.


Photo Credit: Diana Hernandez

M83 is the moniker of French dream-pop producer Anthony Gonzalez. M83 definitely knows how to turn on the dance party, but his persuasions are much easier to get into for those of us who aren’t hardcore ravers. The light synth aesthetics coupled with percussive consistency that we hear in his song “Midnight City”is an example of why his fans keep coming back for more.

Fujiya & Miyagi

Photo Credit: Press

Fujiya & Miyagi are a personal favorite of mine. Musically, they’re inspired by Krautrock and electronica; emotionally, they’re best described as an inside joke–only people who really get into the music understand their dry humor and storytelling. The first few times with their records might be a little dry, but if you’re patient this could be a band that you’ll love for a lifetime. And, they put on a great show.



Photo Credit: Modzik

THEESatisfaction are a band that from Seattle, Washington that are making some major moves. Their soulful, rhythmic style is timeless, and wherever they show up, power, conviction, and strength are always in the room. Check them out if you want to be inspired.

Don’t Talk to the Cops 

Photo via City Arts Magazine

Don’t Talk to the Cops is the newest “it” band in the party-rap circuit. They’ve got the Larry Mizell Jr. as their DJ/hype man, the two front-people bring something that we don’t often see in Seattle: choreography. It makes a huge difference, and the package they’ve put together has star-quality written all over it.


Photo Credit: Sarah Creighton

TacocaT is the punk band of choice for the festival. Their songs are rarely over two minutes, and that’s the perfect length for how much they pack into each song. They make songs about things they love/things they think are funny, including, but not limited to: cats, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, volcanoes, and more. They put on a great show! Add them to your schedule.


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