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Bumbershoot 2012: Niki & the Dove

Bebe Besch / September 5, 2012
Niki & the Dove by Bebe Besch

On Saturday of Bumbershoot 2012, Swedish duo Niki & The Dove played both the Sub Pop stage as well as a private KEXP Lounge session.

It’s undeniable that Instinct, Niki & the Dove’s debut full-length is projecting as the best electro pop album of the year. With their catchy yet still edgy sounds found on singles “Mother Protect” and “The Fox,” Niki & the Dove livened up the Sub Pop stage that typically homed artists focused in melancholy. This is not to say Niki & the Dove doesn’t also yearn for the past through lyrics, “DJ Ease My Mind,” describes the dance floor as a temporary vessel to provide selective memory – acting nostalgic in this way. What sets Niki & the Dove apart however is their dramatic mood changing from song to song, as some of theirs are extremely optimistic as well.

While Niki & the Dove’s music holds it’s own among pop artists and others signed to the same local Sub Pop label, the most charming part of Niki & the Dove’s performances were definitely their individual personalities. Malin Dahlström, the band’s front woman and vocalist, jigged in her bright red jumpsuit adorned with children’s beads. Sometimes she danced in slow motion to their more than doubly-faced paced songs with an expressive smile across her pale face.

Often the duo thanked everyone with shocked and thick-accented voices. Gustaf Karlöf, keyboardist of Niki & the Dove, told the KEXP lounge that they had Swedish jokes in their bag of tricks, but refused to share when prompted. The duo often stopped between songs during both of their sets for awkward commentary that eventually all ended up endearing and downright darling as the two struggled to comprehend the massive support they were receiving from Seattle.

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