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Bumbershoot 2012: City And Colour

Kyle Lawrence / September 2, 2012

Before dusk and while the sun set over Bumbershoot’s TuneIn stage, a little band from Canada named City and Colour played.

The crowd was thin before City and Colour started. The Heavy had just played to an amped up crowd, and few lingered behind to watch the next act.  However when mastermind Dallas Green entered the stage, the cheers and fanfare was ever present.  Opening with “We Found Each Other In The Dark”, Green’s voice filled  the venue like a choral group.

Photo Credit: Brady Harvey

Green, when it comes to his lyrics, very much wears his heart on his sleeve.  His Costello-esq look gives an impression that he is meek and lacks the command of a frontman.  However, he commands through his song writing and lyrics.  Performing “Death Of Me” as their third song, Green emotionally sang, “So here’s to living life miserable.  And here’s to all the lonely stories that I’ve told.  Maybe drinking wine will validate my sorrow.”  It was during this time that the crowd expanded exponentially.

Musically the band is somewhere between emotional driven acoustic and alt-country.  Green made his name in a previous life with the band ALEXISONFIRE.  His decision to continue with C.A.C.  has paid off with an even larger draw.  Judging by the crowd at Bumbershoot, people do enjoy listening to a man beautifully singing about his problems under melodic acoustic music.  The only drawback was the monotony of songs blended from one to the next, at times.

Green displayed integrity towards the end of his show when for a song he asked the audience to put away their cell phones and remember the concert rather than photograph it.  His request was met with cheers, most likely from approval of this man’s message.  A few more songs later, he thanked the crowd and the band exited the loud cheers of an entertained crowd.

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