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Bumbershoot 2011: Quadron, the Unassuming Gem

Tiffany Wan / September 6, 2011
Quadron at Bumbershoot 2011 by Erin Lodi

The luminous performance put forth by Danish duo Quadron was complimented by the gorgeously sunny weather on the last day of Bumbershoot 2011. Shimmering in a colorful sequined dress, frontwoman Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj‘s seductive vocals and disarming stage presence easily won the band new fans. “It’s so cold already over in Denmark,” said Karshøj, happy to be singing in the warmth of the afternoon sun. Her surprisingly soulful voice (given her Scandinavian bloodline) and youthfulness beg comparisons to British neo-soul sensation Adele, with hints of Swedish pop singer Robyn thrown in for good measure. Coupled with songwriting partner Robin Hannibal and a rhythmically gifted touring drummer (world’s better than the drum machine employed on the band’s self-titled debut album), Quadron’s set was an unassuming gem in a competitive Monday lineup.

The crowd surrounding the Fountain Lawn Stage was sparse to begin with. But the audience steadily grew as the band’s infectious groove echoed out to the international fountain. On the pulsating and smooth track “Buster Keaton,” Karshøj playfully changed the lyrics mid-song to pay homage to her host town, singing, “Seattle, if I could buy a perfume of you, I would!” The band’s clear appreciation of being included in the festival and contagious enthusiasm could be read in the smiling faces and happily dancing bodies surrounding the stage. Irresistibly catchy songs like “Pressure” and “Slippin'” (which concluded their show  on a high note) conjure the familiar sounds of Motown girl group pop hits. For a mid-afternoon set going against competing performances by rising hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar and garage rock upstarts My Goodness, Quadron played a winsome and sincere set that unquestionably won me over.

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