Brian Posehn at Neptune

Gabriel Arguelles / August 2, 2011

Brian Posehn, Mike Drucker @ Neptune Theatre | 08/06 | 8pm | $15 Get Tickets Here | All Ages

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Brian Posehn is a touring machine. He’s on the road constantly, going from club to club, performing in every town in the country. The most metal of the comedians of comedy performed to a sweaty and cramped sold-out audience at the Crocodile in May of 2010 and now he’s back, one of the first to perform at Seattle’s newly revamped-for-live-performances Neptune Theatre.

Posehn, the only comedian on the Relapse Records roster, has made a name for himself with relentless touring and television appearances, from the sketch comedy shows like the legendary Mr. Show with Bob and David and Human Giant to various appearances on long-running sitcoms like Just Shoot Me and Newsradio. His was also one of the most memorable of the murders in the bloody and violent Rob Zombie-helmed The Devil’s Rejects. Many years later, Brian Posehn has found a niche with metal fans, and a rabid bunch they are. Up against the stage at the Croc that night in 2010 were many a Cannibal Corpse and Deicide shirt. Death metal growls and signs of the horn were the show of appreciation for many who would have clapped under other comedic circumstances. His is a memorable and funny show.

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