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Break Time with SSG: Shabazz Palaces (That’s Wassup)

Nikki Benson / July 20, 2010

I had the honor of chatting with Ishmael of Shabazz Palaces today. It was not only an honor because he is a fine looking brother, but because he is a part of the most exciting hip-hop act to come out of Seattle in a long time. Shabazz Palaces is not some young, eager group of boys who are looking for wealth and prominence. Shabazz Palaces is a group of men who bring their years of culture, history, and intrinsic sense of music together to make something special. The nation is giving ear to work that can only be put together from such a seasoned bunch. (Seattle Times, The Stranger, Pitchfork)

Today, Ishmael chats with me about Shabazz Palaces and what their past year has been like, he gives me some (coerced) over-the-phone rapping, we chat about Shabazz Palaces in the national music community, Ishmael shouts out a few local homies, and of course we listen to a few tunes between my anxious giggles. Oh! and Ishmael reveals a few secrets! Oooooh snap! This is a good listen. Enjoy, and download this podcast here.

(Shabazz Palaces will be at Capital Hill Block Party, Main Stage, Friday 07/23 at 6:00m)

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