BOYO Narrates the Rise and Fall with “Hit or Miss”

Colette Pomerleau / November 29, 2018

Photo: Selena Mayares

Robert Tilden, aka BOYO, recently released the record Dance Alone, an album made his experience on the verge of isolation.

The solo psych-pop project was born out of the end of a garage-band that Tilden started at age 16 (Bobby T. and the Slackers). We had a quick chat with the young multi-instrumentalist after falling in love with his latest release, “Hit or Miss”.

SSG Music: Can you talk about the story behind the video, the explanations behind each character?

BOYO: It’s about a fictional frontman of a boy band and his rise and fall. unable to let go of the past that still haunts him through old memorabilia and merchandise he still neatly hoards.

SSG Music: Where did this concept come from?

BOYO: Growing up watching those “Behind the Music” and “One Hit Wonder” specials and wondering what it would be like if you laser focused on the day-to-day of one of those people.

I’m always interested in the silence after the chaos of things, and in this case it’s the whirlwind of the boy-band craze of the ’90’s.

I sat with the directors, my pals Nathan and Pat and fleshed out an idea that felt equal parts dark and funny.

SSG Music: In addition to creating an album, what other creative aspects came out of this recent isolation?

BOYO: Constantly animating and writing scripts. Since I was in middle school I’ve looked up to Donald Glover when he was a writer on 30 Rock making mixtapes, he’s still my hero so I eventually want to do it all like him as delusional as it sounds.

Watch the video for “Hit or Miss” below,

Directed by Nathan Castiel
Shot by Patrick Jewett
Color by Stephen Derluguian
Edited by Nathan Castiel & Jared Piller

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