Blockhead at Chop Suey 11/10

Gabriel Arguelles / November 8, 2011

Blockhead, DJ Cam, Suttikeeree , DJ Sean Cee @ Chop Suey | 11/10 | 9pm | $12 adv. Get Tickets Here | 21+

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Blockhead has produced four albums of hip-hop instrumentals, each deep beyond the handicaps of their genre. They don’t vary too much, and with the exception of Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, they’re all at least a little melancholy and pensive.

That doesn’t speak to the Blockhead live experience, however. This week in 2009, Blockhead and DJ Signify took the stage at Chop Suey and the people, myself included, spent the night dancing. He and Signify performed with aplomb–they got everyone moving, addressed the audience often, and were really fun at the merch table after the show. I had a blast, and I’m glad he’s coming into town yet again. His admission that he doesn’t understand the hype behind Seattle’s favorite living son won’t curry him any favor in this town, but his recent, excellent remix of Nacho Picasso’s “Benjamin Segal” certainly has.

Come see the hilarious DJ who’s “tweets are mostly about TV and bowel movements” on Thursday night. If he can get me to dance, he’ll definitely get this dreary town moving.

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