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Bjork’s Super Limited Ultimate Extreme Collector’s Edition Package for Biophilia

Allen Huang / August 11, 2011

In 2007, the economy of Iceland collapsed under the weight of a slew of shady bank dealings and empty debts. It was the largest financial collapse suffered by any country in history, cleaving their GDP almost in half in only 2 years. The sudden collapse and government regulation of Iceland’s top banks portended the economic crises that would affect the US and Europe soon after. However, since government intervention and stricter regulation, Iceland’s unemployment rate and GDP have begun to grow once again, even as the nation teetered on bankruptcy. Things look good for the tiny, chilly country.

Iceland’s Most Famous Residenttm Bjork wants to do her part, too. To stimulate her homeland’s economy, she is capitalizing on the nation’s second largest resource (besides steam), indie nostalgia.

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Like Iceland, Bjork has been creatively bankrupt since around 2007 and is resorting to new and novel measures to sustain her own personal GDP. Her latest “project,” Biophilia, a something something Syrian something something something live performances integrated something something gonna sound like another Bjork album.

To celebrate the release of what will no doubt be a game changing album, Bjork has decided to commission a super special, deluxe edition box set which will include the album, a second CD of exclusive, additional recordings, a 48 page hardbound and clothed manual (“Put CD in tray. Close Tray.”) and a set of 10 tuning forks, one for each track on the album. Each tuning fork will have a different tone, each representing the tone of a track on the album. All will be packaged in an exquisite, silk-screened, polished and lacquered oak case.

How much would you pay for such an unnecessarily decadent package for an album that promises to be the next step on the downside of a revered artist’s career? $100? $200? $500?? No. This wonderful gift from Bjork to her fans will cost you only a paltry £500, or a little over $800. This truly is the deal of the century. Hurry! Run, don’t walk to your nearest Bjork superstore!

And when you’re shelling out what might be next month’s rent for an overpriced piece of turn-of-the-millennium nostalgia, just remember: Do it for Iceland. Besides, it’s not ALL for Bjork. Some of it goes to her life-partner Matthew Barney.

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