Billie Joe of Green Day Starts Family Band

Timothy Grisham / December 20, 2011
photo credit: The Boo
photo credit: The Boo

Billie Joe Armstrong is a busy guy.  In addition to writing/recording a new Green Day record and acting in the broadway version of American Idiot, the Green Day frontman has created a band with the members of his immeadiate family.

The project is called The Boo and features Armstrongs wife Adrienne and sons his Jakob and Joe and have released a limited run seven inch.

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6 thoughts on “Billie Joe of Green Day Starts Family Band

  1. This is just embarrassing now,
    First the sell out American Idiot record than the Biggest Sell out by any band in History the broadway stuff now this?
    The Green Day of 92 would of laughed at this! Nevermind that the Green Day of 2001 would of laughed at this!

  2. And so I shall rant and you all shall most likely ignore. Lol But for people who actually care. It’s kinda funny that some people (previous comments) say that stuff. I highly doubt they would have laughed at this back in the day. Billie’s always had a musical family. So how is creating a family band any different from what he grew up with in the first place? Funny how people are still talking about the whole Sell Out crap. That happened almost twenty years ago. lol With American Idiot, it’s not their fault it got so popular. They didn’t even plan on it. Since their original album they were recording got stolen from the recording studio, it’s not like they planned on their ‘made at the last second’ songs to get this huge. In my eyes their more punk than anyone. They do and say what they want without giving a crap what other people say or think. Which is the main thing the punk lifestyle itself represents. Most people who complain they’re not punk have no right to cause they’re not punk themselves anyways. He’s just as punk now as he’s always been. They’ve calmed down on everything including their music’s content cause they wanted to be a positive influence on their children. But The Boo is a great idea I think. It’s just a shame they can’t do anything with their family without getting called Sell Outs by some disappointed sad old fan. :/

  3. Off-topic slightly: Has anyone seen the documentary “The Other F Word”? In short, it’s a doc on punk-rockers who are now dads. While Billie Joe isn’t on the doc it still has some dads/punk-rockers that others feel “sold-out”.

    In my opinion, I can’t say if the old Green Day would have laughed at the family-band concept or not. I don’t believe they had kids then, so the thought probably never really crossed their minds. If Billie Joe did a completely different non-punkrock family-band, then yes I’d call him a bit of a sell-out. However, he stuck to the music he loves and his kids grew up around.

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