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Beyoncé – Year of 4

Nikki Benson / July 4, 2011

It’s a lazy day. What better time could there be to lay around and watch Beyoncé videos? The lady in question released a video on July 1st in celebration of her new LP, 4. At just over 21 minutes, it gives a nice look into Beyoncé’s recent years, portraying her as the newfound matriarch of her own life. Having always been managed by her father in her business dealings, she has taken on her own enterprise to be the girl who runs her own world. There are lots of reasons to look at this video and think, “Right on, B. You’re down to earth. You’re real.” In many ways she is. She comes off as a self-aware, sophisticated girl from the hood. What doesn’t align with that facade is her long blonde hair. What’s with the blondie locks, B?

Hair aside, Boyoncé showed some love to Africa in her choreography of “Run the World (Girls).” You get to see her journey of finding a youtube video of African dancers, trying to emulate it, then going as far as finding them, flying them to the U.S. to choreograph the video personally.

It would have been nice to see a shout out to Major Lazer in this documentary. Their sample from “Pon De Floor” is the backbone of “Run the World (Girls).” It’s likely that most of people who have seen “Year of 4” or have heard “Run the World (Girls)” have never of (nor will ever hear of) Major Lazer. It would be a shame if appreciators of “Run the World (Girls)” never knew that the sample that makes the song so explosive came from another group who is currently making moves.

Alright, check out the documentary, and have a good day.


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