Best of 2012: The Tempers’ Top Fashion Picks

SSG Music / December 27, 2012

You saw them earlier this year when SSG Music presented The Tempers for an entire week, giving you an all access look into the belly of the beast. Now, this crazy threesome chimes in with their top fashion picks of 2012. They’ve got a crazy-hot style unmatched by the rest, so who better to set us straight on who did it right this year than these guys?! Corina’s representing for Chalia and James, so check her list below.

The Tempers



“Hey Everybody this is Cocomajik of The Tempers letting you in on my five favorite looks of 2K12! Check it!






5. Ariel Pink had hands down the best pink hair of 2012. Check out the video “Only In My Dreams.”

Ariel Pink in "Only in My Dreams" -- Credit:
Ariel Pink in “Only in My Dreams” — Credit:


4. Stephen Colbert because although he keeps his look simple he knows how to mix it up with a great accessory.

Stephen Colbert -- Credit:
Stephen Colbert — Credit:


3. Schoolboy Q had the sickest hippy look this year and talked some of the best shit…check his interview on This is 50.

Schoolboy Q -- Credit:
Schoolboy Q — Credit:


2. Die Antwoord with “Fatty Boom Boom“!

Die Antwoord in "Fatty Boom Boom" -- Credit:
Die Antwoord in “Fatty Boom Boom” — Credit:


1. SSION probably did it best this year.. check out “Earthquake” and BEEE happy.

SSION in "Earthquake" -- Credit:
SSION in “Earthquake” — Credit:


“On a side note i think gold is good…



“And stoner camouflage is good…


“And these socks are good.”


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