Best of 2012: Don’t Talk To The Cops Top 10 Songs

SSG Music / December 28, 2012
Don't Talk To The Cops -- Photo Courtesy of artist's Facebook
Don’t Talk To The Cops — Photo Courtesy of artist’s Facebook

Each year has something different to offer in the music world. Whether it be the thrill of celebrity gossip, the making or breaking of bands, or the novelty of a one-hit-wonder, music defines the culture as each year goes by, and the beauty of it all is that we each take something different away from it. For Don’t Talk To The Cops, it was a year full of hip-hop singles that are sure to pump you up and make a statement. Check out their list of Top 10 Songs of 2012.

1. M.I.A. – Bad Girls
“Chain hits my chest while I’m bangin on the dashboard…”


2. The Black Keys – I Got Mine (TOBACCO Remix)

This remix sounds like how we like our music to sound, and nails that perfectly. This song makes me want to become Josh Brolin.


3. THEESatisfaction – QueenS

This song is the perfect example of how incredible these ladies play off of each other musically. After listening to the song you challenge everyone to not funk with your groove!


4. Nas – Nasty
This is how you make a hip hop for bboys & bgirls to break to, take note, this is precisely how it’s done. Bles will break to this song for life.


5. Azealia Banks – 212
This is prefect song, every section, the way it builds up & breaks down, all the vocals, all the sounds. We were using this as our pre-show pump up song for a while.


6. ShowYouSuck – Girls, Nachos
ShowYouSuck from Chicago’s Treated Crew is definitely the homie, but that has no influence on how much we love this song. Plus the “Show Me Love” sample kills it.


7. Chief Keef feat. Pusha T, Kanye West, Big Sean, Jadakiss – I Don’t Like Remix
Shout out to ChiTown again, we just couldn’t stop singing about “shit we didn’t like” after this.


8. Nas – Bye Baby
Two Nas songs on one list but this is the best sampling of Guy ever, period. It’s genius, and we love Guy & Teddy Riley.


9. Ashanti feat. R Kelly – That’s What We Do
This sounds like a song R Kelly would’ve made in the late 90s. We don’t relate to most of the subject matter of the song, but just like “I Don’t Like”, everything we did after this song was “Cause that’s what we do!!!”


10. Wimps – Stop Having Fun
Wimps are the best! Rachel Ratner played guitar on “Let’s Quit”, we sampled Butts on “Swag Treated Treated Swag”, and Butts was the inspiration for Upgrayedd which later birthed DtttC! Rachel can do no wrong! …well, this Rachel anyway.

Stop Having Fun by wimps

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