Ben’s Pick of the Week: Bill Callahan – Apocalypse

Ben Tully / April 4, 2011

Though Bill Callahan had released music under his Smog moniker for nearly twenty years, I didn’t discover his music until two years ago when he released the stunning Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle. At age 44, Callahan is in a class of his own as a vexing yet simplistic songwriter. His weathered bass voice is more entrancing now than ever before, as Apocalypse picks up right where Eagle left off. After years of lo-fi creations with Smog, Callahan has proven himself just as adept at the helm of a polished mix.

I feel like I dub musicians as “underappreciated” a lot, for as we all know, musical talent doesn’t equate to recognition. That being said, Bill Callahan is easily one of the most underappreciated songwriters on the scene today and each of the seven songs on Apocalypse presents a reason why. In other words, Joanna Newsom’s ex-boyfriend is the real deal. Take a listen on Tuesday, April 5th when this gem is released. In the meantime, enjoy these three songs from the last LP in this NPR Tiny Desk Concert.


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