Baths at Chop Suey ♥

Nikki Benson / March 3, 2011
Photo by: Kevin N. Murphy

We’ve said our fair share about Will Wiesenfeld/Baths on SSG Music, but the show on Tuesday night was so special, a few more words must be said.

Seattle is not in the dark about the Majesty that is Will Weisenfeld with his microphone, midi-controllers, and laptop. Tuesday nights are notorious around Seattle as being the worst night of the week to have a show; it’s not sad-bastard Monday, hump-day, the new Friday, or the weekend. Tuesday is the night of the week when we don’t have anything to prove and would rather just sleep. That being said, Baths fans knew what an amazing show it was to be and made the right choice. Chop Suey was packed, and the floor was moving with hands, arms, and bodies that were overjoyed to be in the same room with Will Wiesenfeld.

After Will thanked everyone for coming and staying out late on a Tuesday, he said “Let’s have some fun” with a thumbs up and lead in with “Apologetic Shoulder Blades.” Not too far into the set, we all got to hear a new song, “The Nothing,” where Wiesenfeld sang about getting out there and finding the love of his life. Although it was the first time for many hearing this song, the room swayed and danced along, reciprocating the love and energy flowing off the stage. Soon after, we all got to hear “Flux,” a very subtle track.

Sidebar: Baths is tapping into his subtlety. When listening to Cerulean, there are upbeat ambient-electronic dance cuts (“Hall”) to minimalistic, emotionally driven drone (“Departure”). As we get to know Will Wiesenfeld, we’re seeing that he’s a very emotional guy who uses music to work out what is going on in his mind and heart. Having a variety of music to party and mindlessly lose yourself in and songs that are full of subtle treasures is what makes Baths an artist that will stand the test of time.

Baths gave us another surprise track: The remix of “Post Atmosphere” by Shlohmo. This was very special because this remix was released around the same time as Cerulean last summer. Filled with bass, it was an easy song for anyone to dance to, but I’m sure the diehard Baths fans smiled to themselves because it’s a lesser-known favorite to revel in. We all got to hear “Lovely Bloodflow” close to the end of the set, and Baths closed with “Plea.” As he sang the words, “Love, this is a dark world/ and I’ve lost focus/ please tell me you need me/ oh/ Boy, you are every color/ and how am I visible/ please tell me you need me/ oh,” we all swayed, danced, sang along, embraced the time we got to spend with Baths. It was such a beautiful night.

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