The Polish Ambassador with Unlimited Gravity and Elfkowitz @ Barboza 11/15!

Julie Cochran / November 14, 2012

The Polish Ambassador with Unlimited Gravity & Elfkowitz @ Barboza | 11/15 | 8pm | $12 (get tickets!) | 21+

Photo c/o the Polish Ambassador’s facebook page

Touring in support of his August 2012 release Superpowers, genre-bending electro DJ the Polish Ambassador (AKA David Sugalski) stops at Barboza this Thursday. Mixing beats drawn from electro, hip hop, dub, funk and glitch, the Polish Ambassador has left little musical territory undiscovered over the course of his 8-album, 30+ remix career. His original material pulses and surges creating an atmosphere which has, no wonder, been an attractive draw for video games soundtracks. Some might be tempted to pigeonhole the artist into the crowded digital mess of sound which has come to symbolize the ADD generation, but a quick listen to some of the artist’s remixes proves there is more to offer here. On Homeboys in Outerspace Episode II (Grassroots Records), the Polish Ambassador released a number of completely unintuitive remixes of songs by artists ranging from Jay Z to Rye Rye and the Beastie Boys. Mixing a riff-heavy intro with synth beats on the remix to Rye Rye’s “Bang” makes the original song almost unrecognizable and takes the feel of the track to totally unexpected place. To make matters better, the Polish Ambassador gives away a ton of music for free–right now, his entire discography can be downloaded via facebook app which you can get to here and/or preview his work below.

Denver-based musician Ronnie Weberg is Unlimited Gravity, one of two opening acts performing Thursday. Classically-trained in music theory and composition, Unlimited Gravity as part of the Mile High Sound Movement, a Colorado-based artist collective dedicated to promoting local music and West Coast electronic music. Live, Unlimited Gravity performs 100% original productions which combining crunk beats with glitch-hop to create a monstrous sound with heavy basslines sure to get the crowd moving.

Get to the venue early on Thursday to check out a set from Elfkowtiz—up and coming Chicago-based musician Ian Lefkowitz. A young dude originally from Detroit, Elfkowitz already has some significant credits to his name—he’s worked as a new age rock and hip hop producer producer in Detroit since his early teens with such names as the Bass Brothers (producers for Eminem) and DJ Freddy Todd. Musically, Elfkowitz combines trance elements of Chicago house with the more upbeat elements of electro and warped hip hop loops. Take a listen!

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