Artist Spotlight: Young Bedroom Pop Artist Alfreda Shares “Thunder”

Colette Pomerleau / October 2, 2018

Photo credit: Linda Cooper

Up and coming London/Berlin-based artist Alfreda drops her latest dramatic pop single, “Thunder”, where the young songwriter reveals vulnerabilities and communicates an insecurity we all have to go through. Alfreda speaks on the single:

“Thunder sounds like it’s about a competitive dynamic with a friend, which it is, but for me, it’s more about that feeling you have when you want to be heard, but don’t know how, so you blame other people for stealing your ‘thunder’ from you. For me, I guess I wanted attention, but I was far too shy and insecure at the time to put myself out there. So I just got a bit jealous when people thrived around me, which is obviously irrational and childish because we should all support each other. But writing the song really helped me get out of that state. Hopefully, the song will connect to fans if they’re going through a similar situation, but have trouble identifying or expressing it. I think this is quite a regular feeling for people, and the only way to overcome it is to be more honest with yourself, and kinder to yourself.”

Alfreda doesn’t force heart-wrenching emotion into dramatic ballads with message-heavy chants. The intelligently simplistic narrative and R&B crooning throughout “Thunder” helps elevate the single’s more conventional song structures to present a convincing argument that the young songstress will be one making her way to the top very soon.

Watch and listen below:

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