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Arms and Sleepers – ‘Nostalgia for the Absolute’ (Exclusive MP3 Download!)

Nikki Benson / March 4, 2011

Today is a very special day. It marks the release of Arms and Sleepers Nostalgia for the Absolute. Our prolific East Coast duo never stop making music. This release is a collection of songs that they have been putting together for the past two years.

Arms and Sleepers released a statement that this record is meant to embody the winter months, the cold, and the hope that leads up the warmth. Nostalgia for the Absolute does just that. Listeners who latched on to this band circa Matador will be very surprised with this record. It’s not riddled with lyrically focused songs with pop structures; rather they’ve taken a lateral step and are focusing on the ambient electronics that have garnered them such a loyal following in times past.

Something a little different about this record is that the songs are so short, ranging between 1:10 and 2:43 in length. On the initial listen I actually had to look at my music player to make sure that it wasn’t malfunctioning with some of the abrupt song endings. On this matter, Mirza Ramic commented that¬† each song is as long as they felt was appropriate. If one views each song as a brushstroke of one big painting, it all fits together. It’s a very interesting listen.

If there were going to be a “single” for this release, it would be “Lisbon.” It’s embodies the chilling curiosity of the album, the quiet desperation, the longing, and it has remnants of sound reminiscent to Black Paris 86. I’m very grateful to have gotten permission from the band to give this song to SSG Music readers–this isn’t available as a free download anywhere else! Be sure to head over to their bandcamp to preview and purchase the entire album if you’re into it.

(Right click, “Save Link As” to download) Arms and Sleepers – “Lisbon”

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