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Arandel’s “In D” Remixed

Joseph Sannicandro / June 16, 2011

Last year I reviewed anonymous French producer Arandel’s debut In D over for The Silent Ballet. Released on the innovative label InFiné, it was the latest record to confirm their presence in the realm of genre-defying output. I had speculated that the author function was likely purposefully obscured as a way of allowing the project some breathing space, encouraging permutations of the material without sacrificing its authenticity. Here we are treated to an excellent remix album, one which pushes the material into other genres, taking full advantage of its intoxicating melodies by varying the rhythmic styles and introducing dancier grooves.

Conceptually, the Arandel project proceeds from self-imposed limits—a strategy ironically fruitful for some creators in a time when we’ve become accustomed to endless options. Arandel doesn’t use any MIDI instruments nor samplers, instead opting for unusual or archaic instruments to reimagine electronic tones and IDM structures. This is especially effective within the variations of In D as the melodies and arrangements are so strong. #7 was one of the highlights for me, and so perhaps it is unsurprising that it has been reworked twice on the remix album. The Arandel project continues to impress, and hopefully these remixes will expose listeners more to In D and InFiné‘s releases in general.


1_In D#5 – Fraction remix
2_In D#3 – Rone remix
3_In D#3 – Over You instrumental remix by Bruno Pronsato
4_In D#5 – Solfeggio version
5_In D#7 – Ol4f remix
6_In D#7 – Mr Raoul K remix
7_In D#5 – Michael Forzza remix
8_In D#4 – Manvoy de Saint Sadrill remix
9_In D#5 – Sinner DC remix

The release date is planned for 27th June 2011 with the release of the LP version. Read more here and listen to 3 of Arandel’s mixtapes below.

Arandel “In D#3” [Sinner DC remix] from InFine Music on Vimeo.

Arandel Mixtapes by InFiné Music

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